There's a new sound in the underground: Dark Cabaret. Selling over 15,000 units, 2005's A Dark Cabaret compilation introduced the world to the genre, drawing on the aesthetics of decadent, risqué German Weimar-era cabarets, burlesque and Vaudeville shows mashed with the stylings of post-1970s goth and punk music. 2011's A Dark Cabaret 2 is a delightfully dark and delicious collection featuring 12 artists: fan favorites and new acts soon to be legendary.

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  1. Coin Operated Goi by Voltaire
  2. Rivolta Silenziosa by HUMANWINE
  3. Sailor Boy by Black tape for a blue girl
  4. The Trouble by Birdeatsbaby
  5. Sea Song (Mare Carmen) by Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys
  6. Join Us (Edit) by KatzKab (formerly Katzenjammer Kabarett)*
  7. Song for the Old Man by Spiritual Front
  8. Black Iron Road (2011 version)* by Unextraordinary Gentlemen
  9. In Between Shades by Jill Tracy
  10. Bad Man* by Adrian H and The Wounds
  11. A'dam & Eva (the resurrection)* by Attrition
  12. The Haunted Phonograph* by ThouShaltNot
    *=previously unreleased

    Full credits for A Dark Cabaret 2

Purchase for $6.98 at Projekt

  1. Coin-Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls
  2. Sometimes, Sunshine by Revue Noir | 30 second MP3
  3. Evil Night Together by Jill Tracy | 30 second MP3
  4. Gemini Girly Song by Katzenjammer Kabarett | 30 second MP3
  5. Cabaret Fortune Teller by Audra
  6. Pretty Faces by Nicki Jaine
  7. Simon?s Sleeping by Pretty Balanced
  8. Knock Three Times (Skinny Kinda Mix) by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  9. Audience to the End by The Brides
  10. Flowers by Rozz Williams
  11. True Love by ThouShaltNot | 30 second MP3