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  1. Coin Operated Goi by Voltaire
  2. Rivolta Silenziosa by HUMANWINE
  3. Sailor Boy by Black tape for a blue girl
  4. The Trouble by Birdeatsbaby
  5. Sea Song (Mare Carmen) by Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys
  6. Join Us (Edit) by KatzKab (formerly Katzenjammer Kabarett)*
  7. Song for the Old Man by Spiritual Front
  8. Black Iron Road (2011 version)* by Unextraordinary Gentlemen
  9. In Between Shades by Jill Tracy
  10. Bad Man* by Adrian H and The Wounds
  11. A'dam & Eva (the resurrection)* by Attrition
  12. The Haunted Phonograph* by ThouShaltNot
    *=previously unreleased

    1 Coin Operated Goi by Voltaire

    From the album To the Bottom of the Sea
    Recorded at Planet Grey in NYC

    Aurelio Voltaire - acoustic guitar/vocals
    Gregor Kitzis- violin
    Matthew Goeke- cello
    Glenn Sorino- drums

    © 2008 Voltaire / (p) Mars Needs Music, BMI


    2 Rivolta Silenziosa by HUMANWINE

    From the album Fighting Naked
    Recorded 2007 at Camp Street in Cambridge, MA
    Produced by HUMANWINE

    M@ McNiss - guitar, voice
    Holly Brewer - voice
    N8 Greenslit - Percussion
    Paul Dilley - Contra Bass
    Brian Carpenter - Slide Trumpet
    ©2007 Nervous Relatives Music


    3 Sailor Boy by Black tape for a blue girl

    From the album 10 Neurtotics
    Words, music & arrangement: Sam Rosenthal
    Music & arrangement: Brian Viglione

    Sam: guitar & backing vocals
    Brian: drums, percussion, piano & additional guitar
    Athan Maroulis: vocals
    Laurie Reade: backing vocals
    Ken Collins: additional guitar

    © Seireenien Music, BMI & Yukon Dew It Music, ASCAP


    4 The Trouble by Birdeatsbaby

    From the album Here She Comes a Tumblin'

    Recorded, engineered and produced by Alex Ball at Alex Ball Studios

    Mishkin Fitzgerald, Keely McDonald, Garry Mitchell, Philippa Bloomfield, Ella Stirmey

    birdeatsbaby.co.uk BR>

    5 Sea Song (Mare Carmen) by Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys

    Produced and Engineered by Lainey SchoolTree.
    Additional Production, Effects Treatments, and Sound Textures by Scott Dakota.
    Second Engineer: Philip Doyle.
    Mixed by Lainey SchoolTree and Scott Dakota.
    Mastered by Scott Dakota and Lainey SchoolTree

    released June 2010 by WIREFOREST LLC
    Written by Walter Sickert 2010

    Walter Sickert - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Penny Snare, Chingy Bell, See 'n' Say, Toy Piano, Kick Drum, Hand Percussion, Various Toys, Kazoo, Scratchy Sounds and Squeakies
    Edrie - Vocals, Accordion, Melodica, Bells

    Mike Leggio - Upright Bass
    jojo lazar - Tenor Ukulele
    Kevin Corzett - Clarinet
    Meff - Guitar, Moustache
    Rachel Jayson - Viola, Violin
    Terrorence "TJ" Horn - Drums


    6 Join Us (Edit) by KatzKab (formerly Katzenjammer Kabarett)

    Musician : Klischee, Mr Guillotine, Vik B., Mr Monsterhead

    © Seireenien Music, BMI


    7 Song for the Old Man by Spiritual Front

    written and compsed by simone salvatori
    recorded at herzog studio by fabio colucci


    8 Black Iron Road (2011 version - Barry Adamson mix) by Unextraordinary Gentlemen

    Produced by Unextraordinary Gentlemen
    Additional Production & Mix by Barry Adamson
    Engineered by Gator McMurder at Funeral Home Studios (Valley Village, CA)
    Executive Produced by Darren "Penance" Spinelli
    Lyrics by Eric Schreeck; Music by Richard Pilawski & Jennifer Pomerantz

    Malcom Schreeck - vocals
    Prof. R. Mangrove - bass, keyboards, programming
    J. Frances Pomerantz - violin
    The Indifference Engine - drum machine/sequencer

    ©2011 Unextraordinary Gentlemen/BMI. All rights reserved.


    9 In Between Shades by Jill Tracy

    engineered and produced by Alex Nahas
    mastering by A.T. Michael MacDonald, AlgoRhythns, New York
    words and music by Jill Tracy
    from the album The Bittersweet Constrain

    Jill Tracy: piano, vocals
    Randy Odell: drums, percussion, metals
    Alex Nahas: Chapman stick, electric bass
    Tony Cross: violin, viola, harmonium
    Daniel Fabricant: contrabass

    ©© Jill Tracy, BMI 2008 all rights reserved


    10 Bad Man by Adrian H and The Wounds

    Produced by Adrian H/Robert Bartleson
    recorded at Haywire Studio, Portland OR.
    engineered by: Robert Bartleson
    Mastered by Kevin Nettleingham at Nettleingham Audio
    Words and Music by: Adrian H and The Wounds

    Adrian H - piano, vocals
    Broken Heart - percussion
    Shiggy - bass
    Kelby Patterson - keyboards
    The Raptor - saxophones

    © Lest We Forget Music


    11 A'dam & Eva (the resurrection) by Attrition

    Recorded and mastered at the cage studios by martin bowes. 2008 - 2011
    All music and words: martin bowes

    all electronics and male voice: martin bowes
    female voice: tylean
    backing vocals: royal robbins
    cello: erica mulkey
    violin: joanna dalin
    organ: edward davidson

    © Seireenien Music, BMI