Here are 2 things I found when removing the EXCV valve from the GSXR motor.

1. DON'T short the motor wires as most websites instruct you to do. There is no need to stress the ECU with a dead short by doing this. I found that the ECU can sense that the "motor" is still "operating" when using a high ohm resistor instead of shorting the wires together. I am presently using a 1K ohm resistor that is only loading the ECU by ~12/1000 Amp. (12 ma.). I installed the resistor at the connector where the SET motor was originally plugged into. You can also use a 12 volt light bulb as a load if you want an indicator that things are happening.

2. Remove the BLACK/BROWN wire [not the BROWN/BLACK wire as shown on some websites] at the ECU. Some sites aren't sure how to label a striped colored wire and have the wire colors given in reversed order. The thin colored stripe should be given as the 2nd color shown on a multi-colored wire description.

On my car, if I just unplug the EXCV valve I will get a "F1" error but no error code is shown in dealer mode. Some sites say that  unplugging the EXCV valve and unplugging the BLK/BRN wire has no affect on the ECU, other than eliminating the displayed error.

I found that my engine was hard to start when cold with the valve unplugged and not adding the resistor (or probably the short). After I performed the above steps, the engine starts much easier when cold.