Exhaust out rear

Last update: 1/4/10

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My exhaust was extremely loud at one time (now it's just loud) and I thought running the tailpipe out the back of the car might quieten it down some. Here some pictures of what the pipe looks like and how it's positioned on the car. It didn't make the exhaust much quieter in the car. The longer pipe does cut down on some of the high pitched raspyness of the exhaust though and I don't burn my leg getting in/out of the car because of the pipe being in the way.

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tail pipe

This what the tailpipe looks like out of the car. It's made from stainless steel pool ladder pipe. The straight section is positioned about 1" from the lower chassis tube.
exhaust to tire

This picture shows how the pipe is positioned to go under the fender and parallel to the side of the car and the tire. The pipe also has to be inboard of the link bracket on the axle tube.

exhaust side

The ground clearance is reduced by the diameter of the pipe but  I haven't had any trouble with it yet.

I couldn't run the pipe any higher because it had to go out the rear of the car beneath the chassis so the axle wouldn't hit the pipe. The axle can rest on the lower tubes when the frame is lifted up.
exhaust out rear

This is how I mounted the pipe to the frame. I used two muffler "C" clamps with two long bolts.

The round black objects above the clamps are rubber insulators. There are another two short bolts that go through the flat steel metal plate that is located on the bottom of the chassis  to hold the insulators to the frame.