A door for your transmission tunnel
You might want to check the oil in your transmission without getting under the car.

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My car has a Quaife forward-reverse gear box and I needed a way to get at it to check the oil etc. Most people seem to use a removable panel on the transmission tunnel held on with screws. I wanted a door of some sort that would close with a latch. I live in an area that has several airports nearby and occasionally wrecked aircraft and or parts will appear at the local scrap yards.

By pure chance I found this round aircraft oil tank inspection door on a visit to a local scrap yard. It was exactly what I was looking for. And as usual the price was WAY below what you'd normally have to pay for a new one. The lesson here is don't think that cars and trucks are the only source of parts for your car.

Quaife door

Here is the inspection door after I mounted it on the transmission tunnel. Notice the flush mounted latch. The piano hinge is riveted to the forward tube "H" on the drivers side of the tunnel.

The gray carpet above the door is another junk yard find that is held in position with convertible top fasteners. In this view it has been folded upward out of the way so the door is visible.


This is the view of the Quaife gear box with the inspection door open. I later found out that the current price of the door is $250. The latch alone is $57. Scrap yard price -- $2 (including the hinge of course)!

I applied RTV on the inside of the tunnel sheet metal around the door opening to hopefully cause water to be deflected away from the door opening.