Service note, front suspension on a CMC built "roller" chassis

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Tie rod end
If your CMC chassis uses a first generation RX-7 front end, take a look at the swivel joints where the tie rods from the rack connect to the steering arms.

If the nut that holds the swivel joint to the steering arm is located on the bottom of the arm, your swivel joints are installed upside down!!  

I checked mine and there is not room on my car to mount the swivels the correct way due to the placement of the lower "A" arm.

On my car someone, somewhere (most likely at CMC), reamed out the tapered mounting holes (from the small side of the taper) on the steering arms just enough so the tapered shaft of the swivel joint could be inserted the wrong way so the nut could be installed and tightened down.

To say the least this is not right and could lead to failure of the swivel joint. Luckily I changed my steering to correct the bump steer and the angle of the upper "A" arm and was able to correct the swivel mounting at the same time.

CMC Lower ball joint

Another thing to check if you are removing the lower ball joint is that the ball joint mounting is actually seated onto the lower control arm flat metal when the three bolts are loosened. My car has one ball joint with a grease fitting that has curved surfaces on the bottom of the casting where it contacts the lower control arm. The hole cut in the lower control arm was not big enough in diameter and the ball joint did NOT seat flat onto the control arm. Apparently when the bolts were tightened the lower control arm metal would bend to match the ball joint casting.

I had to use a rotary burr and a very coarse file to enlarge the hole and taper the sides so the ball joint can properly seat on the control arm. The other ball joint doesn't have the grease fitting and seems to seat correctly onto the lower control arm.  So check both of them.

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