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First generation Insights that are having electrical problems will usually illuminate the "Check engine" lamp on the dash display.  If you are doing your own trouble shooting on the car you can turn the lamp off to see if a repair you made corrected the problem.  You do this by reseting the car's computers.  If the "Check engine" lamp doesn't appear again you probably fixed the problem.  But it may come back on after driving awhile if you haven't fixed the problem. (Shucks!)

How to reset the computers

There are three different ways you can reset the car's computers. Each method accomplishes a slightly different reset though.
  1. Open the hood and disconnect the negative lead of the 12 volt battery for 10-20 seconds and then reconnect the battery.
  2. Open the hood and unplug fuse #16 from the fuse box by the air cleaner for 10-20 seconds and then plug it back in.
  3. Open the drivers side door and contort yourself to find and remove fuse #18 under the dashboard for 10-20 seconds and then plug it back in.

Notes about each method of resetting the computers
1.  Warning: If you are going to disconnect the battery check that you have your radio anti theft code that has to be reentered into it when you first want to use the radio again.

Disconnecting the battery will reset the idle learn, readiness codes (but not the computer internal "permanent" codes), freeze data and DTCs. It will also require you to input the radio code and set the SOC to no bars.

The dash will be reset to the lmpg display with the total car mileage. You will need to run the engine to perform a SOC "positive recalibration". You can do this by just driving the car about 10 miles until the car charges the IMA battery and the SOC bars slowly increase to the top of the SOC gage which is 80% of the battery capacity.

2. Unplugging the under hood fuse #16 does NOT do a SOC reset. It will reset the dashboard MILs and the check engine light. It does not affect the radio.

3. Unplugging the under dash fuse #18 will reset the SOC to no bars, causes a + recalibration and resets the "Check engine" LED. It does not clear dash MIL flash codes or affect the radio.

Would you like to be able to do a SOC reset without getting out of the drivers seat?

When I was having electrical problems I tried each of the reset methods to reset the SOC and really didn't like any of them for various reasons. Mainly opening the hood, disconnecting the battery etc.  After a bit I found the easiest way is to pull the under dash fuse #18.

Here's how sit in the drivers seat and be able to do a SOC reset.
Cram yourself under the dash and remove the 7.5A fuse #18 from the fuse panel on the left side behind the dash. Cheer up, it will be the last time you have to grope around for that fuse. It's in the 5th fuse position on the bottom row from the left side of the fuse panel.  There is a chart of the fuse positions on the removable cubby cover above the hood release.

Carefully drill a small hole through the flat side of the fuse away from the metal spade lugs (the end toward the top of the fuse) and pass a short piece of strong twine through the hole.

Caution:  Do NOT drill the hole through any of the metal parts of the fuse!

Tie the twine so it is long enough to loop the string through some sort of pendant. I used a piece of plastic  Plug the fuse back in and you're done with the modification.

To do a SOC reset now all you have to do is feel around for the pendant hanging down and pull the fuse from the panel.  And you can do it while sitting in the drivers seat. You will probably have to open the door and lean to the left to feel around for the string with your right hand.  Pull the fuse, wait 15-20 seconds and plug it back in by finding the empty fuse hole towards the middle of the bottom row of the fuse panel.  Make sure that both lugs are plugged into the holder though.  It is easy to just get the fuse into the bottom spade connector with 1/2 of the fuse hanging out below the fuse box.  So feel around to make sure that the fuse is truly plugged inside the fuse box.

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